HBZDC Type Vacuity of the Vacuum Switch Measuring Instrument
  This instrument is made by adopting the latest excitability flexible circuit conductor to measuring the vacuity of the vacuum switch automatically without the unloading. The operation is simply and reliable. It can be used in many kinds of vacuum tube.

Performance and characteristics:
(1) It can quantitatively measure the vacuity of the vacuum tube as much as 35 curved shapes.
(2) It has the function of leaking detecting.
(3) The useful time can be speculated from the historical data.
(4) The internal of the instrument has been stored the arc extinguish chamber. You can read directly without unloading.
(5) The band and surface type printer can put out the printer.
(6) This series has been divided into two kinds of instruments which are loading and unloading.
(7) The unique function: The instrument can judge the three situations of the vacuity which are eligible, declinable and fully leakiness.
Range of measuring: 0.0000010.1pa
Output voltage: AC 220V 50Hz
Input Power: High voltage output: Pulsed voltage: 30kV, 15 kHz
Inaccuracy of measurement: 10%
Measurement resolution 10-5pa