SF6 gas HRPZH high-precision analysis of the quality of the comprehensive tester
  Brief introduction
HRPZH high-precision SF6 gas quality of comprehensive analysis instrument is the collection SF6 humidity meter (also called damp instrument meter, and micro water meter), SF6 purity meter, SF6 decomposd product instrument at an organic whole, will originally want with three instruments can realize the function, concentrated in one instrument. Once the spot measurement, can complete three indexes, which greatly saves the detection equipment, a measuring gas save 2/3 gas consumption and reduce user's work and enhance the working efficiency. Portable, convenient on-site.
a) Automatic calibration
b) Electronic flow shows
c) Measurement data printing
d) Measurement data storage
e) Intelligent power shows
f) User-defined statements
g) Supports data communications
h) Support file system
i) Instrument self-diagnosis function
j) Simple menu
k) Data management system software
l) Resistance to oil, bacterria drift
Technical parameters
Display mode: color LCD large LCD screen, 240 * 128 Chinese
Working way: electronic mass flowmeter
Working voltage: 220VAC + 10%, 50Hz, ac/dc amphibious, overcharge protection, continuous work not less than 5 hours
Storage temperature rating: - 40 ~ + 70
Output interface: USB2.0 norms
The operating environment: wen degrees: - 30 ~ + 60
Pressure strength: 0 ~ 20bar (0 ~ 1.0 MPa)
The sample gas velocity: no influence
Other configuration: standard version management software, including print, humidity common conversion kit
Feet inches high 132mm x deep: 283mm x width 308mm, weight: about 4.3 kg
Main features
Measuring scope: dew point - 80 ~ + 20 (support ppmV etc) response time 63% [90%]
Dew point precision: + 0.5 (when the dew point temperature below 0 , sensor output for frost point), resolution: dew point 0.1 or 0.1 ppm
Van circumference: 0 ~ 100% SF6 ;Precision and repeatability:0.5%per cent, and flow of matter,
Response time: 60% (90%), 20s (30s); Sensor: first I generation sensor
H2S 1200ppmSO2 1100ppm
Precision: 0.5 PPM