HRLH1-10Y - 10-303000 type SF6 gas recovery mobile charging device
  Function and use
SF6 gas recovery device USES: HRLH1-10Y - 10-303000 type SF6 gas recovery inflatable mobile device is mainly used in power plants, conversion engineering company, ehv transmission &substation station, SF6 electric switch factory and other departments. Used for SF6 electrical products in installation, debugging and maintenance of auxiliary equipment, can use the above products vacuum, inflatable, recovery purification SF6 gas, storage SF6 gas with, remove exceeds the moisture, oil share, dust, promote the impurities such as insulation performance.
SF6 gas recovery device's working principle is used to host will indoor SF6 gas equipment gas pumped and compression to the critical pressure, make it become liquid tank in storage after deposit. The switch rooms needs, will return to the gas tank filled equipment rooms. Still contain among drying system, purification system to guarantee the recovery of SF6 gas in water content, oil content and impurity reached national standards. Also contains vacuum system, to ensure that equipment in try not intermingled with air and impurities. Can be used for other gases used.
The main technique parameters:
1. The highest gas accumulator pressure: 4.0 Mpa
2. Recycling gas pressure: initial pressure acuities 0.7 MPa (20 ), eventually more than 0.05 MPa pressure, residual pressure achieves 10 x 133Pa
3. Recycling gas speed: will equipment volumes 1m3, barometric pressure for SF6 gas recovery of 0.7 Mpa 1m3, beginning to produce to the pressure is 2MPa tank, gas recovery time as: residual pressure device to 0.05 Mpa when no more than 0.5 ~ 1h. Equipment in 133Pa achieves 10 x residual pressure when does not exceed 1 ~ 2h.
4 the inflation rate is lower than 133Pa early: for the filling SF6 gas 1m3 containers to 0.7 Mpa when inflatable for no more than 0.2 h. The inflation rate: acuities 10m3 / h, 5m3 / h.
5. Vacuum speed: to produce to 1m3, initial pressure containers of 0.1 Mpa vacuum to 133Pa, speed: acuities 10m3 / h, 5m3 / h.
6. The device itself limiting vacuum: acuities 10Pa
7. Keep: in the vacuum device 133Pa under pressure to keep rising less than 400Pa 24h, vacuum.
8. Purify air humidity control: when the source of six fluoride sulfur gases humidity for: p 1000 mu L/L, via a recovery after gas should be below: < humidity 80 mu L/L.
Purify air quality control:
a. oily cent control: < 10 mu g/g
b. Dust control: size < 20 mu m
c. Device in leakage rate: < 1%
d. Device MTBF p 1000h
e. Cumulative trouble-free operation time 5000h p
f. Noise acuities 70dB
9. Net weight: 400kg
10. Envelop dimensions: 1420 x 830 x 124 (H) mm
Recycling equipment main functions:
a) The plant and electrical equipment, storage tank ontology etc undertake vacuum and vacuum measurement.
b) Recycling electrical equipment of SF6 gas.
c) To recycle and the return of SF6 gas filling for drying purification processing.
d) To switch back to filling SF6 gas.
e) For SF6 gas compression liquid storage.
SF6 container (storage: liquid): storage container: 1 m3.
Tank volume: 30,50,100,150,200 ~ 3000kg