HRGKC High Voltage Switch Mechanical Features Tester
  This tester is used to measure time, speed and process of the overstuffed, oil-minimum breaker, vacuum and SF6 high voltage switch and high-voltage circuit breaker. It is also can be used to measure the closing and trip time, the bounce time, the reclosing time, maximum speed and the average speed of the high-voltage circuit breaker. It has the function of the liquid crystal display and print as well as the menu prompt operation.

The main characteristics: The measuring vacuum switch doesnĄ¯t need to put into the process. It can be tested directly and sensor can be easily installed.

Main technical target:
Maximum speed measurement: 7m/s
Inaccuracy of measurement: 0.01m/s
Maximum haul cycle: 600mm
Inaccuracy of measurement: 1mm or 0.5mm
Maximum time: 999.0ms
Inaccuracy of measurement: 0.1ms