HRGKT - I type high-low voltage switchgear electrify test-bed instructions
  HRGKT - I type high-low voltage switchgear electrify test-bed for high and low voltage switchgear producers to produces the high and low voltage switchgear before they leave the factory of various electrify test. It can provide all kinds of ac, dc power, and is convenient for the test to check switch equipment is normal or not, improve work efficiency.
Άρ Technical parameters:
The input power: the three-phase four-wire AC380V
Output voltage and current:
A. Three-phase AC 0-10 output (< > phase failure is 100V, can tone contours a group
B. Three-phase AC100V output (fixed value) a group
C. DC operating voltage output DC 0 ~ 260V, 10
D. DC off output power DC 0 ~ 300V a group
E. Single-phase AC220V output (fixed value, plug form) in group 2
F. Three-phase AC380V output (fixed value, tweeters) a group
G. Overall dimensions: 56 * * 850mm 520
H. Weight: 45kg
Άς function description
a) Output line before meet 10A, tweeters string areconcluded by air switch as short circuit protection. According to user's special demand, parameters of 3-4 items, can also close break-brake, no interlock. Please pay attention to the reqairements.
b) Technical parameters of 6-7 one does not suffer contactor controlling, provided that the total power switch closed, you can output AC220V output (single-phase and three-phase fixed value) AC380V output (fixed value)
c) DC off output power DC 0-300V (large capacity) is an independent unit, can leave the subject ark, use alone, Can also with the main ark amalgamative use, directly from the cabinet put oneself in another's position 300V output terminals after panel dc output. The detail see fifth: HRGKT - I switch off the power.
d) Three-phase conversion switch K1, three-phase AC380V voltmeter