HRLF Type High Degree of Accuracy SF6 Leak Detector
  The instrument is the patented product as the transformation from the achievements in scientific research. It is the best SF6 leak detector equipment in China. The equipment is endowed with the strengths from Germany and Japans experience and overcomes weaknesses. This instrument can be applied to the leak hunting of the SF6 switches in the power supply department, the SF6 high voltage switch gear factory and the electric testing and researching institute. It is also can be used as the assorted equipment of the electric device and export product for the SF6 high voltage switch gear factory.

Brief introduction:
HRLF-ID Digital High Precision SF6 Gas Leak Detector is the optimization product of our company which is latest upgraded and designed. It has the advantages of the high sensitivity and stability. The testing operation is simple, direct, fast and with a high response speed. The search unit will never be poisoning and cause poisonous gas. The high degree of automatic instrument can display the gas strength by liquid crystal screen which makes the reading data more convenient and accurate.
When there is different strength of SF6 gas and other halogen gas in the air, the ionized degree of the mixed gas will be different under the effect of the electromagnetic field of high frequency.

Application field:
This instrument is mainly applied for the leaking finding of equipment and container which are filled with the SF6 and other halogen gas in the ministry of water conservancy and electric power, the manufacturing engineering of electronic device, and the metallurgy of iron and steel, the petrochemical industry, the railway transportation, the mining industry, the extinguisher apartment and the atomic physics research institute.

The main technical parameter:
Range of measurement: SF6 10-8 10-2 volume rate
Time of response: no more than 3 seconds (10-4 gas)
Indication mode: digital numerical quantitative indication and audio, optical signal
Length of the vacuum hose: 4 meters
Continuous working period: no more than 4 hours

Working condition:
Alternating current power: 220V22V, 50Hz2Hz
Environmental temperature: -5桫+45
Relative humidity: no more than 85%
Electric power consumption: about 270W
Size (length, wide, height): 510330480mm
Gross weight: about 20kg


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