HRDWS Type Minim Water Admeasuring Apparatus
  Brief introduction:
The HRDWS-IIC Digital High Precision SF6 Minim Water Admeasuring Apparatus is the new type instrument with a high degree of automatic which belongs to the HRDWS-¢òseries. It is made by adopting modern advanced digital measuring technique and optimal gas circuit with producing experience for many years. It has much improved the reliability of instrument and the convenience of usage.
This instrument can be used continuously and discontinuously for measuring the minim water. Compared with the other kinds of water analysis methods, this instrument can be a simply, direct and fast way for you to analyzing featuring strong stability and good repeatability.

Application field:
This instrument is applied for air, nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur hexafluoride and the gases which are not reactive with the phosphorus pentoxide. It is also can be used to express analyzing, automatic monitoring and exact measuring the water content in the gas at the ministry of water conservancy and electric power, the manufacturing engineering of electronic device, and the metallurgy of iron and steel, the petrochemical industry, the railway transportation and the mining industry.

The main technical parameter:
Accuracy of measurement: ¡À5%
Measuring range:
200 Shelves£º0¡«200¡Á10-6 (Volume fraction)
2000 Shelves£º0¡«2000¡Á10-6 (Volume fraction)
Remarks: The range of 1000~2000 is not used for measuring.

Working condition:
Alternating current power: 220V¡À10%£¬50Hz
Environment temperature: -5¡æ¡«+45¡æ
Instrument inlet pressure: Rated inlet pressure: 0.02¡«0.12Mpa
Size: 360¡Á260¡Á150mm
Weight: about 6kg