HRSF6 high-precision SF6 gas discharge decomposition products analysis tester
  Functional overview
High precision SF6 gas discharge breakdown products analysis tester provides a simple SF6 decomposd product in-situ test method. Use process, connected to a belt to press the filled with SF6 gas equipment, let SF6 gas chamber with certain velocity through electrochemical gas sensor, instrument to measure SF6 gas direct main products of decomposition of content.
Sensor using imported SF6 special-purpose inducer, long life design, ensuring the measurement results and the accuracy of reproducibility.
Main application: fault location, routine testing, partial discharge monitoring, gas purification, filtration monitoring, inspection, fault high-pressure contacts SF6 gas discharge breakdown products detection, check GIS switch electrical insulation medium SF6 gas inside the emergence and development of the products of decomposition. Also can also be used as a diagnostic electrical operation equipment partial discharge and insulation fault of the occurrence and development of on-line monitoring equipment.
Main feature: Without the colorimetric tube, high sensitivity electronic sensor measured directly.