HRBT Type Electrical Specification Comprehensive Test-bed for Transformer
HRBRTC Type Deformation of Power Transformer Winding Characteristic Tester
HRBC Type On-Load Tapping Changing Switch of Transformer Tester
HRBCD Type Special Intelligent Tester for Power Transformer Loss
HRCZB Type Power Transformer Switching Wave Test Generator
HRBZ Type Automatic Transformation Ratio Test Equipment
Series of HRSFQ Trebling Frequency Electric Power Source Generator
Series of HRSGB Intelligent Digital High Pressure Gauge (FRC Digital Resistance-Capacitance Divider)
HRYBJ type Fast Zinc Oxide Tester of Lightning Arrester
HRYBS-30kV Lightning Arrester Teste
HRZT Fast DC Resistance Tester
HRIIJ Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester£¨Oil Tester£İ, Gas Chromatographic Analyzer
HRSP-9 Insulation Oil Gas Chromatographic Analyzer Technical parameter:
HRJBC Potable Relay Protection Tester
HRWJC Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester
HRCGB Frequency Differential Relay Tester
HRYXQ Comprehensive Digital Three-phase Shifter
Series of HRDXBĦ˘HRDXCĦ˘HRXJP Testing, Alarming and Analyzing Instruments of Electric Harmonic
HRDXC/F Electricity Harmonic Measuring Instrument/ Analysis Meter
HRWGR Anti-interference Detector of Grounding Resistance for Earthing Grid
HRSQ Multifunctional Tester for Grounding Resistance with Double Jaw
HR Series of Megohm-meter (Insulated Resistance Meter)
HRGP Power Frequency Signal Generator
HRPX Industrial Frequency Phase Meter
HRZLY Series Vacuum Oil-filter
HRZJ3 Microcomputer-Typed Detector of Anti-distributed Capacitive Type Direct current Grounding
HRBJZ Portable On-line Detecting System of Dielectric Loss and Resistant Current for Substation
HRBJT Distributed On-line Detecting System of Electric Equipment on Insulation for Substation