HRSQ Multifunctional Tester for Grounding Resistance with Double Jaw

Technical characteristics:
1. In any grounding occasions, it can carry out the test normally by using double-measuring method: non-contacting and accessing piles. No matter the amount of grounding point is multiple or single.
2. Online measuring is available. It can test the electric equipment under its working condition without cutting from the grounding part.
3. The capacity of anti-interference is strong. Even in the 500kV transformer substation, it can produce the high-frequency current to filtrate the harmonic interference, like 50Hz or 100Hz from the electric current, then feedback the accurate results.
4. The soil resistivity can be displayed automatically without trivial calculation.
5. The inner storage with large capacity can save 100 groups of measuring datas.
6. The collocating charger and secondary battery is designed for electricity saving, it will be cut automatically when exceeding schedule time.
7. Four-line measurement ensures the accuracy of testing for the grounding resistance below 0.7.
8. The alarming system warms if surpassing the limitation or using the incorrect testing condition.
9. Self-testing is also available.

Application Range:
1. Non-accessory electrode measuring for grounding resistance of communication and power system is available to do the test on the concrete-covering ground.
2. The soil resistivity measuring under the earthing grid construction is easy to calculate the depth of the grid for builder.
3. The digital tester for traditional grounding resistance has a full-scale application, which is replacing the pumping traditional meter.
4. The resistance tester is connected in the looping circuit.

Technical indexes:
1. Measuring range: 0.01-1000
2. Capacity: 100 groups of datas
3. Humidity:10%80%RH
4. Weight: 0.8 kg (no accessories)
5. Resolution: 0.01
6. Temperature: -10
7. Electrical source: four NO.5 MH/Ni charged batteries
8. Overall dimension: 23012042mm
9. Dimension of pliers: 55mm