HRWGR Anti-interference Detector of Grounding Resistance for Earthing Grid
  It applies the controlling, sampling, data processing of microcomputer and displays by the large screen of liquid crystal. Testing the large erathing grid of power plant and substation by the abnormal frequency keeps high accuracy and stabilized performance; and efficiently resolves the industrial frequency current-interference. With only 1‵3A testing current and 4kg weight, it greatly eases the labour intensity during the test.

Output current: AC3A or 5A (it can be used with computer on-line operation, our recommended product with high cost performance)
Output voltage: AC0‵120V
Measuring range: 0‵100次‵500次
Measurement error: ˉ1%
Connection: trilinear, four-line

In addition, it provides DER2571A/BㄗZC-8ㄘtype terrameter and multifunctional grounding terranmeter with double jaw, which is suitable for any grounding occasions and conditions, and proceeds the online measuring of soil resistivity and circuit connecting resistance.

∴Instruction of HRWGR Anti-interference Detector of Grounding Resistance for Earthing Grid
  One. Introduction:
HRWGR Anti-interference Detector of Grounding Resistance for Earthing Grid in the safe operation of the substation equipment, plays a very important role. Therefore, our company based on "power equipment grounding order", "grounding device-specific parameters in the frequency guide," and with substation equipment grounding grid of the actual situation, the design model developed HRWGR-0.4A,1A,3A / 5A Anti-interference Detector of Grounding Resistance for Earthing Grid. The instrument uses three-pole method, frequency method, high-current law the principle advantages of microcontroller as the core of the intelligent detection system, thus greatly reducing the large-scale measurement of grounding resistance in all kinds of interference in the process of measurement error caused improve the measurement accuracy, can use a three-pole ground resistance measurement of grounding grid, but also use the four-probe method for soil resistivity measurements, the output current is moderate (I 汨 5A). Simple, clear interface. Test data quickly, accurately and reliably.

Second, the major technical indicators:

  Measuring content:
♂ Power Equipment Grounding Grid Resistance (次)
♂ soil resistivity (次 ? M)
2. Measuring range:
♂ Power Equipment Grounding Grid Resistance: 0 ~ 20次
♂ Soil Resistivity: 0 ~ 9000次 ? M
3. Input Power: 220V ㊣ 10% 50 Hz 3 A / 5A
4. Output voltage and current: 110V 0 ~ 3A / 0 ~ 5A
5. Output frequency: 60Hz 40 Hz dual frequency automatically
6. Measurement accuracy: ㊣ 2% +0.02 次 Resolution: 0.001次
7. Measurement: automatic measurement
8. Instrument Weight: 16kg (including shock box)
9. Display mode: LCD liquid crystal display
10. Printer: EPSON Micro Printer
11. Measurement conditions:
K no power measurement
L temperature: 0 ⊥ ~ 60 ⊥ M Relative humidity: no more than 85%

Third, the main functions and features:
1, the apparatus functional, measurable in net soil resistivity and ground resistance.
2, using measured frequency 60Hz class, high-precision frequency-selective use of instruments that can maximize the frequency and other frequencies to avoid interference, the measurement easier.
3, apparatus, light weight, small size and portable, the use of Chinese menus, simple and straightforward man-machine conversation interface makes operation of the device easier.