HRJDT type grounding lead downlines conductivity measuring instrument
  Brief introduction
HRJDT type electric equipment grounding lead downlines conduction resistance measurement instrument overcame similar instrument exists test method trival, high strength, low precision work a series of defects. The apparatus adopts dc constant-current power supply, with large current, four-wire method of measuring principle effectively exclude the test line resistance of test results can be obtained directly influence, and measurement circuit baekho uefa level resistance data, and choose the latest precision measuring instrument circuit, has the strong anti-jamming capability, convenient operation, test data quickly, accurately, etc. And test data accurate, intuitive, stable.

Technical parameters
Measuring content: Electric power equipment grounding lead downlines conduction resistance Device composition: Host handheld probe standard measure lines
Measuring scope: 0 ~ 1999 m error acuities 0.2%
Measuring power: DC24V 5A (rated)
Measuring radius: 50 m

a) Instrument appearance: Shockproof box envelop dimensions: 52 x 285 1.7 (mm)
b) Host envelop dimensions: 2.5 x 200 by 100 (mm)
c) Hand-held probe envelop dimensions: 85 x 85 x 135 (mm)
Display mode: LCD display
Environmental temperature: 0 ~ 60
Relative humidity: more than 90%
Work power: the external power source AC220V 50Hz
Conditions of use: indoor and outdoor, on-line measurement
a) Host: 2.0 kg
b) Hand-held probe: 0.5 kg
c) Aluminum alloy shockproof box: 2.5 kg