HRIIJ Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester£¨Oil Tester£©, Gas Chromatographic Analyzer
  They are divided into two types: automatic and full automatic, in keeping with ¡¶Insulation oil automatic dielectric strength testing method ¡·. They are portable and of the latest designs; they fully overcome the shortcoming that the intergraded oil tester is easily obstructed by the puncture. Automatic operation enables the stirring, stewing time automatically set and so does the print times. The speed of voltage increase which is adjustable is about 2kV-3kV/S.They are suitable for power supply departments and petrochemical engineering departments. At the same time, this company also produces and provides intergraded oil tester which had already solved the shortcoming.
HRIIJ is the Automatic Oil Tester. HRIJJ is the full Automatic Oil Tester.
echnical parameter:
Output voltage£º0¡«60kV,0¡«80kV£¬0¡«100kV
Measurement accuracy£º1%
Input electric power£ºAC220V¡À10%