HRYXQ Comprehensive Digital Three-phase Shifter
  Main functions and features:
With high accuracy of phase-shifter regulation, accuracy of reading and regulable output voltage, it combines the phase-shifter technology of transformers and digital measuring technology, can meet the test for high accuracy single phase (and three-phase) alternating frequency. So it features in easy-operation, small size, low noise, and good output waveforms.
The key technical indexes:
Input power source: three-phase and four lines
Output voltage: 3°Ń£®0°ę380£©/£®0°ę220£© 3.5 digits indicating accuracy: °ņ1.0%
Maximal output capacity: 3°Ń330VA
Output current:0°ę20A
General three-phase regulation : 0°„°ę360°„
Refined three-phase regulation: -3°„°ę18°„£¨12°„°ę33°„(regulable), four digits indicating accuracy: °ņ1.0%
Voltage fluctuation: general regulation°‹1.5% refined regulation°‹2.0%
Weight: 25kg