HRWJC-6 (6-phase of current, 6-phase of voltage) computer system installed relay tester
a) Six phasecurrent, six phase voltage, current: simultaneous output 30A/phase, the voltage: 125V/phase.
b) Master board using DSP + FPGA structure, 16-bit DAC output of base wave can produce weekly 2000 point high-density sine wave, the highest level for domestic tester, has greatly improved the waveform quality and increased tester precision.
c) Single running independently, built-in high-performance industrial PC, frequency, 600MHz 300 ~ 128M memory, 12G hard disk, running WindowsXp operating system, panel is equipped with advanced stainless steel keyboard, mouse 8.4 inch TFT track ball truecolor LCD.
d) Adopt USB2.0 interface and computer connected, beardless any turn wiring and easy to use.
e) Various types of field at home and abroad and microcomputer relay protection and security automatically comprehensive equipment, and can simulate produces various complicated almost, permanent, transform sex fault agrees test. Real-time data, display preserved testing the validity vector diagram, draw many characteristic curve, online printing statements, etc.
f) Because be six phasecurrent, six phase voltage simultaneous output, convenient to prepare automatic switch device and microcomputer differential protection device test, the test is very perfect.
g) Can connect notebook computer operation, notebook computers and industrial computer use the same set of test software and easy to use.