HRDS Multifunctional Testing Instrument (On-site Testing Instrument for Kilowatt-Hour Meter)
  Main functions:
(1) measuring the single-phase, biphase and three -lines, three-phase and four¨Clines electric energy and power
(2) checking three-phase or single-phase turnplate and electric energy meter of electron impulse by photoelectricity or human hands
(3) indicating the pharos graph, and judging the 48 normal ways of the connecting of the three-phase and three- lines automatically
(4) measuring the checked voltage, electric current, phase angle, power factor, frequency and other electrical parameters
(5) can print the measuring results through the output printer
(6) can measuring the electric current of the return circuit by inside or outside forcipiform electric transformer
(7) can also check the three-phase indicating instrument and electric quantity transmitter

Main features
(1) using the non -power resource transformer with high stability every year
(2) big liquid crystal screen , Chinese characters guide menu ,interactive mode of dialogue between human and machine
(3) indicating the pharos graph directly
(4) small size, low weight, changeable vision ,because of the international standard of the designed chassis
(5) indicating the voltage, electric current and phase angle in each screen and active ,and reactive power at the same time
(6) having the ternary standardized electric energy, power, electric current, power factor, frequency instrument, and highest accurate level(0.1) in China, phase angle=0.1

Output features:
Voltage£º400V 200V 100V
Electric current£º20A 5A 1A It can be reset by yourself.