HRWJC Microcomputer Relay Protection Tester
  Functions and features:
As the latest star of relay protection product with high-technology, multifunction, good performance, high automatic operation, it features in high reliability, high accuracy, big power, easily-using, adopts the DSP, WINDOWS flat roof system and double operation structure.
It can test automatically or manually every kind of relay protection instruments home and abroad, protect the process of the whole set of experiments, show the printed testing curves
Intelligent host computer: adopting high speed and good performance process of digital signals, it can calculate fast, transfer bandwidth, forms the relative sine wave for fundamental wave
Independence of operation: testing for relays and computer protection, also simulate varied complex faults of instantaneity, permanence and convertibility to do the whole set experiments
On-line with computer operation: storing testing data ,showing the vectorgraph, drawing trouble wave forms, printing reports on-lined
LCD display: clear display with full Chinese-characters menu for operating

Adopting advanced controller ¡°revolving mouse¡± simplifies the structure of the operation

  The key technical indexes  
  Virtual value of output current: 0¡«40A/400VA/phase
Three-parallel output current: £º0¡«120A/1090VA Resolution factor:£¼1mA
Virtual value of output voltage: 0¡«120V/50VA/phase
DC Voltage: 0¡«¡À150V/70VA/phase
DC : 0¡«¡À30A
The precision of output DC Voltage: 0.2%
Resolution factor: £¼5mA
Frequency range: 0¡«1000Hz
Accuracy of time testing: £¼0.1ms
¡ïHRWJC Protection Comprehensive Detector of Microcomputer Relay