HRLC - 8/8QYG type gas (gas) relay pressure relief valve automatically
tester structure theory
Velocity measurement simulation transformer internal faults using the pressure-difference method measuring pulse velocity principle by the department of energy power company organize national experts technical reviews think: testing principle is advanced, the measurement error rate is minor, discrete accords with a requirement, easy to carry, suitable for the field use, is the country much-needed test equipment, good application value. Using the northeast, huazhong, yunnan comprehensive measurement datum, can be in a nationwide applicable. New design has two kinds of error correction device, the measurement precision is accord with domestic and abroad standard calibration Taiwan inspection requirements. Function more and more wide application scope. Function of 11, besides having direct test QJ - 25, 50, QJ -- -- QJ 80, QJ - 50W, 80W type QJ - relay velocity, volume, sealing inspection items outside, still can satisfy transformer YSF - 25, 50, 80, 130 disc-type pressure relief valve to open and close the pressure test. This tester is a high degree of automation. Using the microcomputer detection-control, digital display, operation test except artificially cooperate return oil outside, realized the measurement, parameter adjustment, the control operation, record print automation. This tester technical performance completely can replace stationary pump, and the calibration method platform use because of its small volume, easy to carry, satisfies site test, saving equipment and LABS need plenty of investment, etc. HRLC - 8/8QYG tester is equipped with QJ - 25, 50, 80 velocity of the ruler, respectively 3 direct test same model gas relay action and velocity tester for regular check, is the ideal value transmit.in tools. This tester is realized gas relay velocity, volume, seal test and pressure relief valves open and close inspection items, such as stress, fully automated test and printed out.
Technical parameters
1) Type HRLC-8/8QYG
HRLC verification code. HR representative huarui company and patent inventor, L, C representative "velocity" representative "ruler", because of the first generation of design products as "velocity measurement feet", after the product unceasing renewal all lihe "HRLC". 8/8QYG type: 8 represents the first 8 times design serial number, Q is for gas relay, Y represents pressure relief valves, 8QYG representative gas relay and pressure relief valve automatically tester.
2) basic parameter
a) Gas relay velocity setting: Velocity range: 0.6 ~ 1.6 m/s (specific setting value see procedures), Precision: pressure sensor precision 0.5 level, digital displays for 4 digits, 0.000 m/s, minimum resolution 0.02 m/s. Factory test 80HRLC standard by QJ - velocity ruler and standard checking Taiwan calibration, its absolute error acuities 0.04 m/s, with tester for velocity test, measurement values can be printed automatically records.
b) Volume test: Volume measurement device measuring element precision 0.5 level, minimum resolution for the test, the factory 5ml by 300ml standard cups of test, its biggest error acuities 5%, measured values can be printed automatically records.
c) Pressure (seal) test: Pressure range is 0 ~ 150kpa, digital displays for 000.0 kpa, minimum resolution 1kpa, precision 1.5 level. Gas relay full of transformer oil at room temperature 15kpa sustained pressure 20Min should be no leakage, measured values can be printed automatically records.
d) Test medium: gas relay calibration table test medium for transformer oil, Pressure relief valve check table test medium for air.
e) HRLC - QJ25, QJ50, QJ80 type velocity ruler
f) Microcomputer detection-control box. Power supply: 1 phi 220V 150W
g) Electric miniature air compressor: 1 phi 220V 120W