HRBRTC Type Deformation of Power Transformer Winding Characteristic Tester
  This type of instrument is adopted by introduction of foreign technology and the latest nondestructive examination equipment of the power transformer internal fault. It is used for confirming the degree of the deformation of transformer internal winding which is the important method of the preventative nondestructive examination. It applies to the power transformer of 6.3kV-500kV. The whole operating function will be pointed out in Chinese or simple English on the screen of the microcomputer. It is made up of a portable computer, a color printer and the main measurement system. The instrument can be divided into two types of testing methods by frequency response and short-circuit impedance.

Range of frequency point: 1-5 kHz 1-100 kHZ 1-500kH 500-1MHz (The special layout)
Precision: Wandering of frequency point ¶§fni°‹2°Žfni (The average value in the frequency domain)
Amplitude resolution: 0.001dB
Irregularity degree of the passband°‹0.05dB ((The average value in the frequency domain)
Weight: 20kg
Experience accumulation: 200 main transformers