HRKFR No-load transformer capacity loading and comprehensive analysis tester
  ¢ñ Functions, features and use
A. Single machine can complete under 1000kVA distribution transformers and full-electric flow load test; About a third of the rated power flow can be completed under 2500kVA distribution transformers load test(About a third of the rated flow, electric instrument can be converted to the rated flow load loss electric parameters).
B. Single machine can complete under 6300kVA distribution transformer capacity experiment and capacity test. Self-contained test power can charge 100 sets of 2500kVA distribution transformer capacity test in one time. According to the experiment results, transformer no-load loss can judge the transformer models.
C. 240 * 120 large blue LCD, Chinese operation menu, high-speed printers print test results, and the historical record.
D. With high-performance processor as the core of control and operation. Sampling speed. The data stability is satisfactory.
E. It can external voltage transformer and current transformer can broaden instrument measurement range.
F. Current, voltage transformer, sampling don't pass through mutual inductor but take samples directly, greatly improved instrument measurement range and accuracy of measurement, better than most of the similar instruments in the market.
G. They are small, light and easy to carry, and are suitable for laboratory and field test and operation procedures.
H. HRKFR transformer no-load loading and capacity of comprehensive analysis instrument is according to JB£¯T501£­91(Power Transformer Test Guidelines) and GB1094£­96 <Power Transformer>.
  ¢ò The main technical indexes
A. Test items
a) Three-phase RMS: Uab¡¢Ubc¡¢Uca£»
b) Three-phase average voltage: /Uab¡¢/Ubc¡¢/Uca£»
c) Three-phase current: I a¡¢I b¡¢I c£»
d) No-load loss and no-load current percentage: Pm¡¢Io%£»
e) Load loss, impedance voltage percentage and short-circuit impedance: Pkt¡¢ekt¡¢Zt£»
f) The capacity of transformer.
B. Main Technical specifications
a) Empty load current measurement range£º0.1A ~ 60A£¬measuring precision 0.2 level;
b) Voltage measurement range£º10V ~ 500V£¬measuring precision 0.2 level;
c) Plus transformer can widen instrument measurement range: 10kV¡¢100mA¡«200A£»
d) Frequency measurement range: 45 ~ 65Hz£¬measuring precision 0.1 level;
e) The power input: AC220V¡À10%£»
f) Conditions of use: degree of wetness©‚95%RH£¬temperature-10¡æ¡«45¡æ;
g) Use and storage site should be no serious influence of gas, steam, insulation dust and it explosive and corrosive medium.