HRRC Transformer capacity parameters tester
  ó˝Functions, features and use
At present, our country electric power systems in addition to charge power metering device which charge when measuring fees, even according to levy a loss of power transformer capacity meritorious and reactive power loss of subsidies. For larger users in transformer substation even pay extra fees in one time. Therefore, in the capacity of transformer testing for both sides is to maintain with economic interests is an important link. Due to energy shortage, electricity price rise, some users by interest drives to replace transformer nameplate large capacity transformer filling small capacity transformer, fled leakage power add cost.
HRRC type transformer capacity parameters tester is used exclusively in low voltage, low current circumstance standard test power transformer capacity distribution of instruments. This instrument circuit design is exquisite, the thought is unique, superior performance, powerful, completely satisfy field distribution power transformer capacity test requirements. This instrument internal adopts advanced A/D synchronous communication sampling and digital signal processing technology, the operation is simple, convenient, reliable data accurate wiring, solve the difficult problem of distribution transformer capacity test, and can display, print users concerned measurement data. Use this instrument can greatly improve the working efficiency and relieve labor intensity.
The equipment is mainly used for distribution transformer capacity detection, in not external voltage, current transformer, under the situation of single can be directly below the complete 1000kVA distribution transformers in all the voltage, current capacity test under the condition of all. The equipment adopts single-phase three-phase experiment test power supply mode and power transformer capacity way of measuring ways. Single-phase power test is especially useful in field without power supply conditions of use, only need to bring a single-phase generator and the equipment that can be completed test. This equipment in order to more practical at the scene, minimize test power supply capacity; In the transformer 10% of the rated power flow can be measured the transformer capacity, which means small generator can complete the large capacity transformer capacity detection.
The instrument of man-machine interface using CHKDSK (240 * 128) all Chinese characters graphic display, menu strictly hierarchical, gradually guide you through the experiment, you only need to boot, press any key and instrument provides menu will guide you through the test of what you need.
  ó˛ Main Technical specifications
A. Voltage
a) Measuring scope: 10V ~ 500V
b) Error range: Entire range within 0.2 level
B Current
a) Measuring scope: 0.1A ~ 60A
b) Error range: Entire range within 0.2 level
C Capacity
a) Measuring scope: 10kVA ~ 40000kVA
b) Error range: Transformer capacity measurement by 10%
D Frequency
a) Measuring scope: 45Hz ~ 65Hz
b) Error scope: Entire range within í└ 0.05 Hz
Description: external voltage transformer and current transformer can widen instrument measurement range.