HRJZK type of generator rotor with ac impedance tester
  Features and use
HRJZK type of generator rotor with ac impedance instrument is my company launched a new generation of enhanced with ac impedance tester, increased the display and print ac impedance characteristic curve and can realize data with the PC online download and editor of the test report function.
The apparatus adopts the most advanced high-speed microprocessor technology and more powerful, and more superior performance, more convenient to use. With high reliability, simple operation, high measurement precision, small portable etc. Characteristics. At present in the domestic leading level. Automatic acquisition, measuring, display, storage, print all measuring parameters and impedance characteristics curve (voltage, current, impedance, power, frequency, equipment Numbers, time, etc.). Built-in memory, the super capacity can be stored 6,400 test data and by standard industrial communication interface (RS232) uploaded to the PC machine, with the company development of random software to realize data download, automatic generation and edit the typical test report, facilitating technical management and archive. With perfect over-voltage, over-current protection function, which had flowed voltage protection value is according to the test parameters Settings automatically adjust, can ensure test equipment safety. Can hold concurrently do single-phase transformer no-load, short-circuit test and voltage (flow) of arc extinction coil transformer, the volt-ampere characteristics of test. Bring big screen graphics LCD, all Chinese menu interface, the cursor hint operation, simple and convenient, Real-time display test data with the curve, curvilinear coordinates automatically resized to map reading more clearly. Cabin micro printer, real-time print ac impedance test report and exchange impedance characteristic curve.
  Main technical indicators and use conditions
A. Ac impedance 0 ~ 99.999 0.2 level
B. Ac voltage 0 ~ 500V/600V 0.2 level
C. Ac current 0 ~ 50A/120A 0.2 level
D. Active power 0 ~ 25kW / 72kW 0.5 level
E. Frequency rate 45 ~ 75Hz 0.2 level
F. Work power 220V + 10% 50Hz
G. Body accumulate 415 x 225 x 200 mm
H. Weight 5 kg