HRDC Intelligent Tester of Electric Parameter
  The tester can measure the no-load of the transformer, and the active current (voltage) value, power factors of the short-circuit experiment at the same time with computer controlling, digital display, synchronous samples in avoid of many traditional shortages.

1. Converting automatically without connecting CT\PT outside
2. Short-circuit losses: the value of the resistance voltage converts to the one of the 75¡æ situation
3. Be made up to comprehensive consoles for transformers with direct resistance instrument and voltage controller

Voltage : 0¡«600V(circuit voltage)
Working power resource£ºAC220V 50HZ

¡ïInstruction of HRKFR Comprehensive Analyzing Tester of Non-load, Lode and Capability for Transformer
¡ïInstruction of HRDC/HRBCD Intelligent Tester of the Electric Losses Features for transformer