HRYBS-30kV Lightning Arrester Teste
  Functions, features:
It is used to test internal defects caused by the poor contact between the non-linear resistors of zero clearance metal arrester which is used by 10KV or under 10KV power system (replace the partial discharge detector within limits). It combines high-voltage DC power system, measurement system and control system together while it is of small size and light weight; it is very practical and can complete measurement of all the subjects at a time.

The main technical indexes:
Measuring range:
electric current: 0-1000¦ÌA£¬voltage:0-30kV
Precision degree£º1%¡À1 word
Ripple coefficient£º¡Ü1.5%
Resolution£ºelectric current: 1¦ÌA; voltage: 0.1kV
Input signal£º voltage£º1-400V electric current£º0-10mA
Operational power supply£ºAC220V¡À10% 50Hz