HRFJX type lightning arrester discharge counter action verification
Figure 1 shows the principle for the principle of action visitor counter type JS hookup. Figure 1 (a) for JS type action visitor counter the basic structure, the so-called double valve chip structure. When lightning arrester action, discharge current flow through valve slice R1, the pressure drop in R1 by valve slice R2 give capacitor C charging, then C again to assolenoid style of inductance coil L discharge visitor counter, make its rotation 1 case, remember one times. Change R1 and R2 resistance, can make the visitor counter with different sensitivity. Generally minimum operating current for 100A (8/20 mu s) current impulse. Because R1 there are certain pressure drop, will make the lightning arrester residual pressure increases, so it is mainly used for 40kV above the high-pressure arresters.
Figure 1 (b) says JS - 8 type action of structure, visitor counter is rectifier type structure. Lightning arrester action, high-temperature valve plates on the pressure drop by R1 whole wave rectifier to capacitor C charging, then C again to assolenoid style visitor counter L discharge, make its counting. The visitor counter of valve plates R1 resistance of smaller (in 10kA when the pressure drop was 1.1 kV), the flow capacity is big (1200A square-wave), minimum operating current also for 8/100A (20s) the impact of the current. JS - 8 type visitor counter can be used for 6.0 lightning arrester, 330kV system ~ JS - 8A type visitor counter can be used for lightning arrester 500kV system.