HGQL - HR current transformer field tester
Instrument adopts platform interface technology, large-screen LCD, all Chinese hints of automatic measurement, the whole process simple instrument operation, Equipment is small in size, easy to carry, only a few people can be fast do measurement, In this company integrated litres of flow, pressor device with the cooperation of choose and buy equipment, and can be made with the current transformer protection the volt-ampere characteristics and 10% error curve tests. Operating process convenient, and automatic display volt-ampere characteristics curve and draw a 10% error curve, The instrument can be of voltage transformer for qualitative measurements: when measuring instrument at the voltage transformer, the primary side add certain power frequency voltage, can measure one times voltage and second induced voltage, it is concluded that the voltage transformer in this BiCha voltages and Angle poor. The instrument to measure the current and voltage transformer field second load, measurable the load of the current transformer BiCha and Angle poor. This device can measure no logo of current transformer or change of voltage transformer, and measured accurately than fast, stable performance is good, no need for additional liters flow or pressor sources, This device can measure current transformer 5% ~ between arbitrary point of 120% BiCha and angular, without standard current transformer and external liters flow sensor, the accuracy of the measurement to meet the technical index requirements, suitable for on-site tests use; Instrument can undertake various measurement data storage and print, various parameters power lost can save.
Technical parameters
Current transformer measurement range5A/5A5000A/5A5A/1A4000A/1A
Voltage transformer measurement range2.2kV132kV
The actual secondary stress testPT load 10VA ~ 500VA Measurement error: 2nd level
CT load 0.1 ~ 25 Measurement error: 2nd level
Volt-ampere characteristics testing
Current test range: 0.1A50A Measurement error: 1st level
Voltage test range: 10V ~ 1500V Measurement error: 1st level
Working conditions: power supply voltage: AC 220V + 10%
Power frequency: 50Hz + 2% Environmental temperature (0 ~ 40 C)
25 C environment humidity: when < 85%