HRVAT - CT/HRVAT - CT - PT automatic transformer volt-ampere characteristics radiocomm.tester
a) Automatic type tester only digital setting, set the highest test voltage, the maximum current and step length, the device will automatically from zero pressor gradually. Can automatic testing ground will volt-ampere characteristics curve traced, save manual pressure regulation, artificial records, sorting, tracing curves, and so cumbersome labor. Quick, simple and convenient. Without knowledge of computers, extremely easy mastery.
b) Comprehensive functions can be tested protection CT volt-ampere characteristics, 5% and 10% error curve, transformer ratios, polarity, still can output large current tests for CT secondary circuits.
c) No contact between the test, high safety all microcomputer-based device, set completely without artificial contact and automatic testing. Can make the testers from high voltage circuit, ensure testers safety and high reliability.
d) But external pressure regulator test if device to the single output voltage, current, cannot satisfy the requirement, also can use their own pressure regulator and user testing devices connected. External pressure regulator experimental wiring and test method is very simple.
e) Output capacity big volt-ampere characteristics test maximum output up to 1000V, 10, the short-term can reach 20A. Use circumscribed regulator maximum output can reach 1500V, 20A, Change is the maximum current 600A than test as.
f) Optional external booster device, litre flow is selected external pressor device can top to 2000V, triple-a, selected liters flow to 900A, servers, can be 3000VA. Use circumscribed booster device can be used to do 500KV level 1A current transformer is volt-ampere characteristics test.
g) Graphical LCD large-screen, whole sinologized graphical interface testing directly display volt-ampere graphs, clear and beautiful, intuitive convenient. Panel cabin printer and ready to print graph and test data.
h) Rotate the mouse operate adopts photoelectric rotating the mouse operate. Elimination panel key, switch, control knob, etc. Various kinds of normal controls. Operation is simple and long service life.
i) Mass storage, test data can be stored multiple data power lost never lost, but over.welcome back office accesses the print and upload to computer preservation.
j) Double operation mode Settings are RS232 communication interface can be connected notebook computer operation. Single operation data can be saved and upload to computer preservation, display, editing and printing.
k) Easy to carry, small volume, light weight, easy to flow test.
Technical parameters
Measuring objects: PTCTYZ
Wording scope :Current 1 ~ 149% (note: can school S level transformer voltage 5 ~ 149%
Measuring scope:
a) In-phase component (%) : 0.0001 ~ 19.99 resolution: 0.0001
b) Quadrature component (points) : 0.001 ~ 600nm resolution: 0.001
c) Friction resistance () : 0.0001 ~ 5.99 for resolution: 0.0001
d) Guide na (mS) : 0.0001 ~ 5.99 for resolution: 0.0001