HRCJDY-BZ Standard lightning impulse voltage pulse calibration test system devices
  The standard calibration verification test system device consists of : a standard impulse voltage meter , standard impulse voltage divider , oscilloscopes, computer records and test measurement and analysis software accessories. Calibration verification test is to identify lightning impulse voltage generator , lightning impulse voltage generator , single and continuous pulse voltage generator , lightning surge generator , lightning impulse current generator , lightning impulse current generator , single and continuous pulse current generator , lightning impulse withstand voltage tester for other areas of industry professionals , the lightning impulse flow resistance tester , pulse-pounding pressure tester , impact -resistant pulsed flow tester and other types of electronic pulse generator charging voltage , etc. and the output voltage or current accuracy level of accuracy , or the partial pressure ratio of the flow ratio of the detection range of the calibration and error detecting means detects the calibration standard . In August 19, 1994 , I was the first in China to detect lightning impulse impact test calibration device and starting to develop and produce a successful submission metrological traceability Chinese national high voltage metering station , lightning impulse measurement identification verification testing disposable success --- Get calibration report !
The standard calibration verification test system devices: small individual monomer units are portable , lightweight , modular , stable and reproducible, anti-interference ability , adaptability field use , anytime, anywhere can create a standard school composition test test test system calibration calibration.
HRHG-23B Standard lightning impulse voltage meter peak
  HRHG-23B Standard lightning impulse voltage meter peak impact : the first is to measure any wavelength longer than 500ns single full-wave lightning impulse voltage can also be measured and stored lightning impulse voltage spikes , lightning impulse current peak as well as other one-time lightning pulse peak and continuous pulse peak , lightning surge peak operating wave peaks , steep peaks spread chopper intelligent special instrument , is the use of a more severe test conditions for the high-voltage test site specially developed . The overall design using standard industrial control bus special wiring . In the design of the shield machine , filtering and overvoltage protection circuit can be highly effective electromagnetic interference shielding . Range of the instrument can automatically switch features can be translated to the high side voltage divider ratio dial , you can read and display lightning direct digital pulse-pounding real value of output voltage or current generator . Portable .
Input voltage : 1600V ( lightning impulse voltage pulse )
Input impedance : 2M / / 40pF
Accuracy : 1.0%
Rise time : about 85ns
Working environment : -25 ~ +55 , 0 ~ 95%
Divider ratio setting: 0.1 to 9999.9
Display range : 0 ~ 16000kV
Connection : two parallel input socket
Input Power : AC 220V 50Hz 10%
Shape and size : length 518 168 438 high depth (mm);
Weight : <5kg
HRFY-B-1000kV/2k standard lightning impulse purely resistive voltage divider impact
  Type: HRFY-B-1000/2
Rated Voltage: 0 ~ 100kV, 0 ~ 200kV, 0 ~ 400kV, 0 ~ 1000kV
Input voltage type: lightning impulse voltage pulse
Rated resistance: 2k, no sense, pure resistance
Sections: 1
Square wave response: partial response time less than 100ns
the overshoot is less than 10%
Divider ratio: 1000:1
Divider ratio Uncertainty: 1.0%
Volume size (l w h): 280 280 800mm ~ 2000mm
Weight: about 10kg ~ 30kg. Portable.
HR-TDS-3012C high-voltage color digital oscilloscope calibration test and analysis system
  Model: HR-TDS-3012C high-voltage color digital oscilloscope
Measuring signal: 0 ~ 400V input
Waveform Measurement Uncertainty: 3.0%
Volume size (length width height): 350 180 300mm
weight: about 3.0kg.
Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz 10%
3A. waveform record measurement acquisition hardware:
HR-TDS-3012C high-voltage color digital oscilloscope:
Maximum sampling rate 1.25GS / s, bandwidth of 100MHz, resolution 9bit,
2-channel measurement, recording length 10k bytes (checksum to detect lightning impulse to meet research requirements)
Multilingual menu color display waveforms and text selection;
3B. sampled waveform measurement and analysis software:
HR-3000B computer Impulse Records dedicated measurement and analysis software package:
Shock wave parameters to calculate and record shows waveform analysis and comparison function
Shock-shaped zoom in, zoom and pan, and call stored waveforms
Shock wave into the preparation and testing calibration chart report
3C. accessories: HR-100 high-performance 100-fold dedicated attenuator 2.
Cables and accessories parity detection and a set of computer communication.
Important Description: with the user's own computer!