HENZ3-HR Electronic Transformer Calibrator Automatic intelligent Calibration System
  About this Device:
Digital (photovoltaic, electronic) transformer as an analog to the bridge of the world to the digital world, occupies a pivotal position in the digital substation, digital (photovoltaic, electronic) transformer that is the cornerstone of the digital substation, all digital are derived from it. Therefore, accurate precision and performance of digital (photovoltaic, electronic) transformer is very important. Our metering law all the measuring instruments must be the amount of the pass, which means that all measuring instruments must be able to realize the magnitude of antedating. Therefore, the practical application of digital (optoelectronic, electronic) transformer amount biography installation at the scene also need regular check, to verify the measurement accuracy and stability, as well as the standard protocol IEC61850 International Electrotechnical supported and the Statute of correctness.

HENZ3-HR electronic transformer calibrator kernel, has Dual CPU architecture, 24Bit AD chip and 512 times over-sampling techniques greatly expand the bandwidth, to improve the measurement accuracy. At the same time, the use of multi-gear automatic switching and FIR filter to improve the dynamic range and signal-to-noise ratio. Use the Labview development of management software, beautiful interface, easy to use. Power and sample input to take a large number of electromagnetic compatibility measures, to be able to adapt to the complex field test environment. With portable design, convenient laboratory and field testing.

The calibrator HENZ3-HR electronic transformer tester, is Researched and Developed in our R & D Center, produced by our company. This is a new electronic transformer calibrator calibrator using the data acquisition card + IPC structure. Using high-precision data acquisition card, data acquisition card with the new virtual instrument interface design software NI LabView, based on the WINDOWS operating system, the software interface is friendly, powerful. Apply to check and debug electronic transformer analog output and digital output can be used for electronic transformer basic accuracy of the test and the composite error test is a comprehensive function calibrator. This device has a powerful software analysis capabilities, intuitive display waveform and valid data, and data storage, offline analysis.

HENZ3-HR type electronic transformer digital output calibration system consists of: 1) a standard transformer 2) standard signal conversion apparatus, 3) standard A / D converter, 4) synchronizing signal generating means, 5) error calculating unit composition. HENZ3-HR-type electronic transformer calibrator instrument itself has 2) to 5) function, it also has analog output calibration function is a test electronic transformer digital output and analog output error Integrated Tester. Automatic intelligent tests or calibration equipment(Automatic intelligent electronic transformer test calibration system the industrial computer monitoring and control error management software and host the calibration test hardware configuration)

Device reference implementation of the standards and specifications:
JJG313-94 "Measuring the current transformer rule".
JJG314-94 "Measuring the voltage transformer rule".
JJG169-93 "transformer calibrator rule.
GB / T 20840-7 "transformers - Part 7: Electronic Voltage Transformer.
GB / T 20840-8 "Transformers Part 8: Electronic current transformer.
IEC61850 "substation communication networks and systems."
DL/T668-1999 "measuring transformer testing device.

Apparatus uses the operation environmental conditions:
This system unit to meet and dedicated to the voltage level of the digital (optoelectronic, electronic) transformer voltage (current) test detection and test verification tasks.
1. Altitude not exceed 1500m.
2. Ambient temperature: -15 ~ +55 .
3. Air relative humidity: 90%.
4. Use Location: indoor / field use, removable.
5. Must have a reliable ground point grounding resistance <1.
6. Working power: AC 220V 10%, about 800VA, as the actual sine wave supply
voltage waveform.
7. Power frequency: 50/60 Hz.
8. No conductive dust, no fire and explosion hazard exists does not corrode metal and
insulation-containing gas.

Main Usage:
Meet IEC61850 the (-9-1 -9-2-9-2LE have been added) standard electronic transformers verify; electronic check electronic transformer polarity and delay; small signal output transformer check; parity of the merger of the small-signal input unit; 0.05 0 ~ 7V output two precision voltage signal, without l large voltage and high current can be; merger of small signal input unit school experience (extended precision standard source module); able to output a digital signal source (FT3 format), do not need to verify liter large voltage and high current can support the FT3 input merged unit. (Extended digital signal source module); electronic transformer output FT3 check (Extended FT3 conversion module); to traditional transformer parity (the extended analog signal conversion module).

Main features:
HENZ3-HR electronic transformer calibrator for electronic transformer to meet IEC61850 (-9-1, -9-2,-9-2LE) standard output checksum. Check project include: the ratio difference, phase difference, delay, polarity. At the same time small signal input terminals, electronic transformer small signal output part as well as the merger of the small-signal input unit check.

Main functions:
1. Using the traditional transformer calibrating device (BHE type) and Agilent 3458A Digital Multimeter value transfer.
2. Use the built-in GPS or high stability the crystal output pulse synchronization signal.
3. IEC61850 (-9-1, -9-2,-9-2LE) protocol packets full frame resolution automatic analysis ASDU data,Sampling points, all channel waveform diagram, no need to get caught you can visually view all channel data.
4. ST / SC dual fiber Ethernet interfaces and dual RJ45 Ethernet interface, improve reliability, and convenient access interface electronic transformer.
5. order quasi-synchronization algorithm makes non-synchronous sampling algorithm error is
approaching zero.
6. 24Bit AD chip and 512 times oversampling technique, greatly expand the bandwidth to improve the accuracy.
7 multi-gear automatic switching and FIR filter to improve the dynamic range and reduce the signal-to-noise ratio.
8. Real-time display of the waveform, frequency, amplitude, phase, and other data to facilitate
comprehensive analysis of transformer performance.
9. with IPC, 800 * 600 touch screen. More convenient operation.
10. with a powerful, easy operating software can be run on industrial computer or laptop
11. Statistical ratio difference and phase difference between the mean, worse, extrema, multiple error data, a comprehensive test of the stability and linearity of the electronic transformer.
12. Multiple harmonics analysis and electronic transformer harmonic accuracy check.
13. throughout the testing process. Recording and playback.
14. drop-frame test, real-time statistics of dropped frames.

The main technical indicators:
1. Accuracy grade: 0.05 (worse than the error: 0.02%, a difference of error: 0.02
(ie: angle difference <2 ')).
Built-in standards conversion devices: the accurate precision level of 0.05% level, 0.02% level, the 0.01% level.
Precision level in accordance with the standard transformer transformers and school may be chosen to match the corresponding adjustment conversion device to test parity.
Parity level: 5,3,1,0.5,0.2,0.1,0.5 S, 0.2S;
2. Communicate protocols and Statute: IEC61850-9-1/IEC61850-9-2/IEC61850-9-2LE have been add.
3. The input range of the standard signal input range:
1) Rated voltage: 100V and 100 / 3V, 100/3V.
2) Rated current input range: 1A, 5A.
3) small signal input range 150mV, 200mV, 225mV, 4V, 1.625V , 1V, 2V, 3.25V, 4V, 6.5V.
4) Analog Input: the signal types 100V and 1A/5A.
The digital Input: ST type fiber optic connectors, 62.5/125 multimode fiber interface.
4. Accuracy measurement range:
Voltage (V): 5% -120% Un (rms 0.05% RD Un = 100 / 3V or 100V)
Current (A): 1% -120% In (RMS 0.05% RD In = 1A and 5A)
Signal input: 1V above range: 1% -120% Un 0.05S level (for check metering transformer)
Range 1V following: 100% to 2000% Un 0.05% level (for inspection protection transformer )
5. The harmonic test accuracy: worse than 0.1% Uh, or 0.1% Ih angle difference: 10 points
6. AD sampling precision: better than 0.01% measure uncertainty in the magnitude of rated range.
7. Small signal output (optional, additional charge function)
Output voltage: 0 ~ 7V
Output harmonic: 2 to 40 times
The output accuracy: 0.05 to 5V 0.05%
RD harmonic accuracy: 0.05%.
8. Input circuit power consumption
Input voltage circuit power consumption <0.2VA (100V, 57.7V)
Input current loop power consumption <1VA (5A)
Input current loop power consumption <0.2VA (1A)
9. Ethernet interface
SC fiber interface: 1 (multitude mode fiber wavelength 820nm to 860nm)
ST fiber interface: 1 (multitude mode fiber wavelength 820nm to 860nm)
RJ45 interface 2
The optical signal has a wavelength of 820nm ~ 860nm, the optical fiber with 62.5/125 multimode glass fiber interface.
10. Synchronous
Light B code synchronization input (second pulse and B code can be configured) one
Light the code synchronization output B (second pulse and B code can configure) one
A synchronization input electric, electric synchronous output one
11. Human Interface
Display: TFT LCD Resolution 800 * 600
Operation: touch-screen operation, IPC USB port, you can connect a USB mouse and keyboard.
12. Whole weight 12.8kg.
13. Power supply voltage 220V 10%, 50/60Hz.
14. Outside air temperature (-15 ~ 55 ).
15. Maximum relative humidity: <90%.
  Device functions and software features:
The schematic diagram of the the electronic transformer digital output check system block diagram shown in Figure 1 digital output checksum as follow:
  The schematic diagram of the the electronic transformer analog output check test block diagram in Figure 2 is analog output checksum.  
  The electronic transformer digital output calibration system software development interface is shown in Figure 3, its software features and operating instructions are described as below:  
The electronic transformer analog output calibration system software development interface is shown in Figure 4, the software features and instructions with digital output calibration system similar set is relatively simple. Test, the analog signal is inserted through the panel on three core flight UxA connected to the transformer was measured by the school.
The Electronic transformer analog output calibration system calibration system software is divided into three functional interface, error test parameter settings, communication settings. The electronic transformer calibrator software using labview development, the interface is simple and easy to use, designed to minimize the user needs to set the link. Almost no general set of parameters. This user-friendly to improve efficiency in field calibration.

The electronic transformer analog output calibration system calibration system software to meet the real-time display conventional electrical parameters of the school measured the ratio of the transformer differential and angle, as well as the grid system, standard transformer and measured by school transformer output real-time data and waveforms, and has a fully automated measurement, recording and automatic storage function, waveform and data storage format can be selected in accordance with their own work habits and preferences of a variety of ways to be saved.

The calibration system either completed the calibration of electronic current transformers can also complete electronic voltage transformer checksum. Analog electronic transformer calibration system block diagram shown in Figure 2, the system is divided into the current standard channel, voltage standard channel, the measured current channel, voltage measured channel calibrator data processing platform. The current standard channels by the up-flow, standard current transformer, standard converter. Current measured channels by the up-flow, composed of school transformer. Calibrator through the collector obtain the standards current sensor and the current sensor to be calibrated electrical parameters and electrical parameters in a standard format to upload to the computer, computer data processing platform than dealing with the same time the two signals, calculated the school current sensor error, display and record the measurement results. Voltage standard channel booster, standard voltage transformers, converter standard. The voltage measured channel booster, composed of school transformer. The working principle is the same as the current calibration system.

Based virtual instruments, electronic transformer analog and digital output than the poor, the online measurement of the difference between the measurement, recording, and electronic transformers. For the majority of power test, measurement, construction units to provide a mobile electronic transformer calibrating device.

flexible configuration and can be configured depending on the needs / electronic current transformer calibrator / electronic voltage transformer check;
calculate school transformers with standard transformer current / voltage rms than the difference, a difference;
display the current conductor of current, voltage, frequency and other relevant information to facilitate a comprehensive assessment of school parameters;
display the a school transformer output real-time waveform, and related settings, and automatically save the calibration data, generate reports;
flexibility to configure the test parameters, test range, the number of tests, the number of samples, and other related information.
high accuracy and reliability. The accuracy level of 0.05, can be used to compare and check the 0.2S level electronic current transformers and 0.2 electronic voltage transformer.
synchronized, ensure that the data collected by the school transformer and standard transformer stringent timing synchronization, reliability, practicality greatly improved using high-precision interpolation.

Quality requirements: (supply-side responsible for the quality and duration):
warranty period is 24 months, during this period the quality of "three guarantees", and all life-long maintenance. Tracking service the customer purchased the product's use, and provide 24-hour service and response. Without installation and commissioning of the above equipment, in accordance with users' instruction books, can use it directly. The fees including domestic delivery to the designated port freight.