HRYJB General Secondary Voltage-Drop Automatic Detector
  Main features:
(1) Operate ¨Ceasily: liquid crystal screen, the whole Chinese characters guide menu, four keys are involved
(2) Reliable: wired method of measuring ,principle of measuring difference ,electromagnetic interference proof
(3) Accurate: high-tech isolation of PT inside, automatic elimination of surge current
(4) Phase converted automatically: measuring the double-phase and three-lines ,three-phase and four-lines automatically, can also check single-phase by self
(5) Alarming automatically: checking phases and warning the wrong doing of connecting automatically to assure the safety of operators and instruments
(6) Calculating automatically; measuring and then indicating results automatically, and also calculating the composite errors and combined errors
(7) Storage function: can store 50 groups of the measuring results
(8) Iniquity function: can inquire any stored data
(9) Live measuring: can measure directly on the condition of uninterruptible power supply
(10) Online function: with communication gateway, can transfer the measuring results to the relative software
(11) High accuracy : can measure and memory the zero errors, correct the measured data automatically and delete system errors completely

The key technical indexes:
(1) Measuring range: comparative difference:0.0001ˇ«19.99% angle difference : 0.01ˇ«599
(2) Resolution factor: comparative difference: 0.0001% angle difference: 0.01
(3) Accuracy: level 0.01
(4) Measuring deference: 2%