HRKZX (Q) / T (Q) series automatic high pressure test and measurement control box (Taiwan)
This product is our company produces the light high-voltage test transformer accessory equipment, the measurement of control box, measuring console with a high degree of automation, can undertake pay (keep) flow of high voltage test, convenient operation and maintenance, superior performance and safe and reliable in operation, exterior structure appearance, durable, mobile is convenient wait for a characteristic. Is the power supply enterprise, water and electricity engineering, metallurgy, mines, large power, petrochemical, railways and other needs electricity maintenance department of necessary equipment.
This product adopts advanced MCU programmable tt&c automatic processing technology, all the functioning of process parameters and protection can advance booking Settings, digital screens, all Chinese interface menu options, the operation is simple and clear. All testing items set automatically after testing, without manual intervention. Can manual and automatic manner high voltage test, our factory to design and manufacture high-voltage test transformer automatic measurement control box, measuring console is high-voltage test equipment nc operation (box) sets the upgraded products, especially suitable for no bureau work frequency high-voltage test of automatic control. For the domestic initiative tt&c test (box) machine can make high-voltage test easily finish.
Voltage, current, or value three groups with screen LCD display, data with backlighting, clear reading and directly.
All Chinese interface, simple operation, widely applicable.
Light touching panel key operation, all functions are controlled through setting and improve the keys the security and reliability of products.
All-digital set-up, abandoned old potentiometer adjustment method, field use is extremely convenient.
Buttons directly set the current, voltage transformer ratios, in different variable than input, under the situation of application freely.
Using hardware and software anti-interference technology combining, stable performance, strong anti-jamming.
Bring five ways of output, and can be used over current, over voltage, fault protection, manual, automatic, output signal pressor signal control etc are used for different occasions.
Technical parameters
The input signal: ac current 0 ~ 5A, ac voltage 0 ~ 200V
The input signal: dc voltage 0 ~ 10V
Output signal: dc voltage 0 ~ 10V
Output switch quantity: manual to often open, automatic normally closed, trouble-free closed
Measuring scope: 0 ~ 999 word
Measuring precision: 0.5% FS 2 words
Display mode: LCD display, take backlit
Output modes: the four groups (over-current, over-voltage, booster, step-down) relay output, and monitors displayed the corresponding letters
Output precision: 1 1.0% words
Output signal: AC220V/triple-a DC24V / 5A resistance sex load
Setting means: panel light touching the key digital setting value without electricity stay forever
Protection way: work abnormal automatic reset undervoltage automatic reset
Use environment: environmental temperature - 5 ~ 50 more than 85 RH relative humidity
Supply voltage AC220V + 15%, 50: Hz + 2 Hz avoid strong corrosive gas