HRJFD Type Digital Partial Discharge Detecting Analytic System
  The HRJFD system has carried the ultrasonic measurement to the local discharge of the hundreds of transformers and reactor in Gezhou Dam 500kV switch station, Wuhan Phoenix Mountain 500kV transformer substation, Shengyang transformer factory, Hefei transformer factory, Hengyang transformer factory, Guangzhou power supply bureau, Hunan electricity generating board, Chongqing transformers factory and Wuhan steel. This system has the advantage of operation reliable and easy to operate. It can meet the needs of measurement. As one of the key items of the of eight-five project, this electrical device has been widely used for the spot test and research in the related unit in the north, east, central and northwest parts of China.
The system has functions of hundred-percent process controlling mode and menu prompt in Chinese character. It can access and print arbitrarily. It can automatically generate survey reports and display two-dimensional and three-dimensional local discharge atlases. It is made by adopting the skin window technique and has a good capacity of resisting disturbance. It takes the techniques of two channel measurement and digital difference technique which is able to measure the local discharge signal of two samples or the two testing point of one sample. That is convenient for analyzing the origin of the local discharge signal. This product is the national key scientific and technological project and the extension project of the ministry of electric power. It has been tested in hundreds of transformers such as the Gezhou Dam 500kV switch station, Wuhan phoenix mountain 500kV transformer substation and Shenyang transformer factory. It is reliable and easy to operate.
It is specially applied for measuring the local discharge of the eclectic devices such as the transformer, the electrical motor, the mutual inductor, the capacitor, the cable, the GIS, the switches and the lighting arrester. The performance is complied with the standard of IEC-270 and GB7354. It has the hundred-percent Chinese software and the menu mode operation. The measurement and analysis of the local discharge graph data can be arbitrarily accessed and printed. It has two channels and can produce test report automatically. It has many colorful display modes those are ellipse, straight line, two-dimension and three-dimension.

Detection sensitivity: 0.5pC
Measuring frequency bandwidth: 1-200 kHz
Gain dynamic range: above 120dB
Sampling precision: 8 bit 1/2LSB
The whole equipment also includes the mainframe, display and print. (Its not including the voltage part)

HRJFD Type On-Site Digital Partial Discharge Detecting Analytic System
  This system is specially applied for the field and spot check work in the electric equipment manufacturer, electricity generating and supplying department, electrical power construction, electrical installation and debugging construction enterprises. It is very convenient for measuring and fixing the database which is easy for further analysis and management

Technical parameter:
Measuring channel: two channels
Detection sensitivity: 0.1PC
Measuring frequency range: 3dB bandwidth 10kHz~300 kHz
Cell-type filter setting stage:
Low end 102040kHz
High end 100200300kHz
Gain dynamic range: 120dB
Synchronizing frequency: 50,100,150,200 or any Hz
Standard pulse generator: HRJFD-301
Full sized pulse voltage: 10V5V2V1V0.5V0.2V (adjustable)
Calibration capacity: 50pF, 200pF (adjustable)
Working power supply: AC220V10%50Hz .

HRJFD-2B Digital partial discharge detection system
HRJFD-3B Digital partial discharge detection system