HRJFD - 3A type digital partial discharge detection instrument
  Brief introduction
HRJFD - 3A type digital partial discharge detector is newly development production and a novel partial discharge detection instrument. Widely used in transformer, transformers, high pressure switch, zinc oxide arresters, power cables, etc. Various kinds of high voltage electrical products of partial discharge measurement, products type test, insulation operation supervision, etc. This instrument is the power sector and manufacturers and research institutes, and other units extensive use of practical partial discharge test equipment.
Technical parameters
Can test article of electricity 6pF capacitance range - 250 u F
Amplifier band:
a) Low: 10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz and commands
b) High-end: 80kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz commands
Amplifier adjust: Coarse adjustable six files, files between gain 20 + 1 dB, Fine tuning range 20dB >.
Time window:
a) Window wide: adjustable scope 15 กใ ~ 150 กใ,
b) The window: every window can rotate 0 กใ ~ 170 กใ,
c) Two time window can open separate or simultaneously open.
Discharge scale:
a) Pointer type headers to: Logarithm scale 1-10-100 error < + 5% (in full scale plan). Linear scale 0-1000 < + 5% (based on the error of full scale plan)
b) Digital multiplier: with 3 1/2LED list of figures show 0-100.0 error < 5% (plus or minus in full scale plan)
Ellipse base:
a) Frequency 50Hz, 150Hz 100Hz, 200Hz, 400Hz,.
b) Elliptic with 30 กใ for rotating: 120 กใ integrafive, it can be rotated.
c) Display mode: elliptic - straight line.
d) High-frequency time base ellipse may according to the input voltage (13 กื 275V) adjustment to the normal size, the intake of the power < 1 volt-ampere.
Test the voltmeter:
a) Range: 1000kV (extensible)
b) Display: 3 1/2 digital voltmeter instructions
c) Precision: superior to full scale (plus or minus 5% plan)
Internal and external zero standard function
Volume: 500 * 500 * * * 210 (wide high) mm3 deep
Weight: about 18kg.