HR24 type digital voltmeter peak power frequency
HR24 type digital voltmeter is peak power frequency for dc high voltage test, high voltage power frequency experiment and design measuring instrument. This instrument can be used to measure the positive and negative polarities dc voltage, ac voltage peak, peak/sine wave appropriate 2. This instrument all adopt the integrated circuit, stable performance and good reliability, high accuracy, easy to use, easy to carry.
Technical parameters
a) Use environment: temperature: - 10 40 relative humidity: more than 80%
b) Measured signal frequency: 0 ~ 1000Hz
c) Input impedance: p 4M
d) The input voltage: points 800V, 400V, 200V three gears
e) Differential pressure than 1 4999 set freely
f) Measuring precision: measured signal frequency 0 ~ 1000Hz superior + 1% plus or minus five words
g) Display: 4 1/2 LED digital display a tube
h) The power supply: 220V + 10% 50Hz + 2Hz
i) Power: acuities 10W
j) Size (wide x deep x high) : 360 * 280 x 150
k) Weight: about 5.0 kg