HRWG - 15 type ac line voltage distribution Measuring Instrument insulator string
HRWG - 15 type gauge is mainly used in ac line 1 ~ 500kV charged measuring line of the tower of the distributed voltage insulator string value and operation condition, low value and zero insulator detection and detected, early and immediately find and remove safe hidden trouble, ensure transmission line reliable safety operation. Can also be used to test indoor all sorts of 1 ~ 35kV and ac voltage measurement. It is a kind of ideal security line for safe operation of the measurement instrument and charged homework auxiliary tools.
Technical parameters
Measuring scope: 1 ~ extruded
Pure degree: rank 1
Output form: LCD digital display
Electrical source: DC9V 6F22 x 1 day (200) hours
Body product: 140 x 170 x 180 (mm)
weight: 500g