HRTNZDŁ¨SŁ©Series of Electrical Plunger Voltage Regulator
  Introduction: It is a kind of contact ratio autotransformer which can adjust load voltage within rated voltage. This series of products are well designed because they adopt UK imported A brush for voltage adjusting parts. With strict quality control during production, this kind of device is very small, light, with low waveform distortion, low noise, and low temperature.

Technical parameter:
Capacity: 5ˇ˘10ˇ˘16ˇ˘20ˇ˘25ˇ˘30ˇ˘40ˇ˘50ˇ˘80ˇ˘100ˇ˘125ˇ˘160ˇ­ˇ­1500kVA
Maximum of phase of input and output:
Single phase: 220/0-250VŁ¬380V/0-430V
Three-phase: 380V/0-430Ł¨650Ł©V
Notes: Direct output would be high voltage if not set.