HRG Series of Single-phase, Three-phase Isolated Transformer and Rectifying Transformer
  It is mainly used as the power source of the electric loading request and power & electric isolation for power system and industrial enterprises, which can transform alternating current into magnetoeclectric; and as the precise measuring tester for anti-interference system it cleans the isolated equipment of power and gird.

Isolated transformer: HRGB£¨D£©/£¨S£©single-phase/ three-phase, oil-immersed-type and dry-type
Input or output voltage: £¨D£©220V£¨380V£© two line , (S)380V
Isolated voltage:¡¡ 3KV£¬5KV£¬10KV,
No-load current: <5%
Impedance voltage: <7%
Potential Isolation: single shielding or double shielding
Special mark: 50KV£¬100KV£¬200KV£¬300KV£¬500KV£¬700KV£¬1000KV (it can be set freely.)
Input & output voltage of HRGB£¨G£©is high-voltage: 1KV£¬2KV£¬3KV£¬5KV£¬10KV-100KV¡­¡­
Capacity: 0-5¡¢10¡¢15¡¢20¡¢30¡¢50¡¢100-1000KVA¡­¡­
Rectifying transformer£ºHRZB£¨D£©/£¨S£©
The voltage and the capacity of input and output are based on clients¡¯ requests. There are two kinds of products: the oil-immersed ones and the dry ones.