HRHEA Intelligent Calibrator for Transformer
  Main features:
(1) It combines the principle of the potential difference and advanced processing system; combines stability and intelligence; with high electric- pollution proof capacity, user-friendly, (the only finest ones all over the country)
(2) On-line measuring: it can be applied anywhere and then will show results
(3) Automatic judgment: however serious wrong operations are done; it will not cause damage of instruments and operators
Testing range automatically shifting switchover: according to levels of accuracy, it can automatically shift the testing range.

The key technical indexes:
(1) Measuring objects: PT CT YZ
(2) Instrument accuracy: level 1-2
(3) Measured instrument accuracy: level 10-0.01(can measure level-S current instrument transformer)

¡ïHRH-H Full Automatic Testing and Rectifying System Instrument for Transformer (To get details via telephone)
Measured objects: PT. CT. Y. Z
Instrument accuracy level: 2-1
Measured instrument accuracy: S- level (10-0.01)
(1) HRKZX-5 special on-site control box
(2) HRHEF on-site transformer tester
(3) HRFY98 electric current and voltage load box
(4) On-site testing line for voltage transformer
(5) On-site secondary line for electric transformer
(6) Special testing line DCC for electric power
(7) HRHL-33 standard and accurate electric current transformer(level:0.05 , 5¡«2000A/5A )
(8) HRBSQ-5kVA/0¡«2000A upward current converter
(9) HRHJ-S-10G3(automatic current ¨Crise) standard and accurate voltage transformer (level: 0.05, 10kV/100V)
(10) Electric power tray of movable cable (50m)
(11) High current ampere wires : 1000A£º5mX2, 500A: 5mX1, 250A: 5mX1, 100A: 3mX3
(12) Tools and wheelbarrow
  ¡ïHRVAT Type Automatic Testing Instrument of Volt-Ampere Characterristic for Transformer