HRJDT-604 voltage monitor recorder
  1¡¢ summarize
HRJDT-604 voltage monitor recorder, voltage levels are 100V, 220V, 380V three types.

2¡¢Technical data
2£®1 Standard£º
Voltage Monitoring Recorder using technical conditions "DL / T 500-92" and "DL / T 500-2009"¡£
2£®2 Basic data£º
2.2.1 Operating voltage:
Have three specifications:
AC 100V ¡À 20% 50Hz ¡À 5Hz
AC 220V ¡À 20% 50Hz ¡À 5Hz
AC 380V ¡À 20% 50Hz ¡À 5Hz
The same instrument can be different wiring for the three voltage measurements
2.2.2 The machine power consumption: ?3VA
2.2.3 Accuracy: 0.5 level
2.2.4 Resolution: 0.01v or 0.01kv
2.2.5 Single-phase voltage monitoring
2.2.6 Communication Interface: RS232 or RS485, optional one of them
2.2.7 Data transmission: GSM SMS
2.2.8 Dimensions: 235 ¡Á 172 ¡Á 80 mm
2.2.9 Installation: Wall-mounted

2.3 Function Index
2.3.1 First time display: voltage, time, date, voltage harmonic distortion
2.3.2 check any day statistics data of last 365 days
2.3.3 check any month statistics data of past 12 months
2.3.4 Alarm: Too big or too small voltage, will have sound and light alarm.
2.3.5 Storage capacity: 2M bytes
2.3.6 Statistical Data storage time: one year

3¡¢physical images£ºfront view