Series of HRDXC Testing, Alarming and Analyzing Instruments of Electric Harmonic
  It meets the whole requirements of GB/T1459¡«93 to test the virtual value, and positive ,reverse and zero sequence component of current and voltage
Measuring area: content of voltage harmonic, distortion factor of phase-angle and current voltage
Virtual value of current harmonics, distortion factor of phase-angle and total voltage harmonics
Range of measuring harmonics: fundamental wave -51times harmonics
Way of input signals: voltage, current, phase
Print: printed three-phase waveforms, statistic of the testing results, automatic printed three-phase results.

The key technical indexes:
1£®Way and range of input signal
A£®Three-phase voltage and three-phase current
B. voltage test range: 10-240V£¨or 20-400V£©
C. current test range: 0.05-6A (or0.1-12A)
D. tracking range of fundamental harmonics frequency

2. Input impendence: voltage side¡Ý200k¦¸, current side¡Ü20m¦¸
3. Measuring accuracy: measuring error of fundamental: ¡Ü0.5%
4. Measuring times of harmonics: 5-51
5. Statistical times£º5¡«96 times are choiceable
6. Timing space of orientation in time£º0¡«999 minutes are choiceable
7. setting range of continuous limited number£º0¡«999
8. time of equipments¡¯ power supply source£º220V¡À15%£»50Hz¡À5%£»THDu¡À¡Ü8.0%; 20VA