HRHG23A Type Impulse Peak-Current Meter  
  Used for measuring any once ¨Cimpulse full waves whose first signal form¡¯s length overpass 500ns ,also measuring and storing the numerical value of the impulse peak-voltage , peak-current and other once-impulse peaks. A circuit that protects a computer system from dangerously high voltage surges. The whole design is adopted with industry standards¡£
Input voltage: £º¡Ü¡À1600V
Input resistance £º2M¦¸//39PF
Measuring accuracy £º1%
Time for rise£ºAbout 85ns
Work environment: 0¡«70¡æ£¬0¡«95%
Voltage ratio setting£º0.1¡«9999.9
Range of display£º0¡«16000KV
Connection: parallel input with two outlets