HRWG Type Transmission Line Fault Distance Tester
  The tester is used to measure the distance between the fault point and the measuring point when the permanent earth or turnoff happened in the overhead transmission line. It is applied for the 35kv and the voltage grade above. You can tell the fault distance exactly only by examining and fixing the fault line in the transformer substation when the fault happens. It is very convenient for the maintainer to look up the fault quickly and shorten the emergency repair.  
  Main Technique parameter:
(1).Range of measuring: 1-100km
(2).Inaccuracy of measurement: 1%
(3).Output mode: 8 bit LCD display
(4).Electric power source: internal-mounted 12V3AH storage battery
(5).Working hours: 6 hours
(6).Working temperature: 040
(7).Humidity level: RHD3095%